Gourds, Indian Corn, Seeds, & Fall Decorations

Gourds, Indian Corn, and Craft Materials

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Small or Large dried gourds

Ornamental Types
Mini Pear or Nest Egg.

Hard Shell Types
Indonesian Bottle, Apache Dipper, Banana, Basketball, Chinese Bottle, Mini Bottle, Kettle and Mini Kettle, Bushel Basket, Flat Bushel, Cannonball, Corsican, Martinhouse, Maranka, Penguin, Santa Clause, Banana, Short and Long Handle Dipper, Zucca, Goose, Big Apple, and African Wine Kettle

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Minature Indian Corn

Mini Indian corn mixed color single ears, husks pulled back, packed any count
3 - 6 in. average
Also available: All blue or pink ears

Mini Indian corn single ears, no husk, sold by the pound
3 - 6 in. typical (approximately 9 to 12 ears per pound)

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Large Indian Corn

Large Indian corn, mixed color, No. 1 single ears packed any count, husks pulled back
Over 7 in. long
7 in. & under

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Corn Husks

Mixed colors – taken from miniature or large Indian corn, your choice $7.50 per lb.
Corn Cobs

From mini Indian corn, mixed color $0.08 ea.

From large Indian corn, mixed color $0.12 ea.


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