Gourds, Indian Corn, Seeds, & Fall Decorations

Gourds, Indian Corn, Seeds, and Fall Decorations by Eckler Farms

The world's largest single source for ornamental corn products

The Eckler family has been growing ornamental corn for over 20 years. We have developed many new and unusual colors and patterns, and all of our products are all-natural. Eckler Farms' products currently sell both domestically and overseas to Europe and Japan to buyers both large and small. Learn more.

Quality seed breeder, developer, and grower of specialty ornamental seeds

Eckler Farms currently produces four varieties of ornamental miniature Indian corn, and new varieties will be released soon. Our products have been featured on the TODAY Show, listed in Martha Stewart's "Great American Wreaths" book, and used on Rose Bowl floats as decorations. Get on the cutting edge by using our proven ornamental seed varieties. Growers from coast to coast and North to South have had excellent results.


Beautiful natural home decor

Indian CornBring the beauty of the outdoors in with our fall decorations and craft materials including decorative Indian corn, gourds, wheat, and much more.

Create unique crafts - we carry over 20 types of gourds

Eckler Farms also produces hard shell gourds for crafts. Many of these gourds are available year round. We grow several acres of gourds producing several thousand gourds a year in over 20 varieties.

If you have your own gourd growing plans, we can supply you with several varieties of gourd seeds.


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